Writing Centers

Tutoring, Technology, and Translation

Since May 2017, I have served as the Associate Director of Technology and Finance for the Writing Studio at Georgia State University. My primary responsibilities are to work with my Director, Dr. Mary Hocks, and my Co-Associate Director, Jessica Rose, to oversee the everyday activities of a writing center at one of the fastest growing universities in the United States. Specifically, I manage the financial operations of the Studio by crafting the budget, reconciling our accounts, monitoring employee pay, and purchasing supplies.

Along with these administrative responsibilities, I am also the primary monitor and developer of the Studio’s digital tutoring systems.  Over my tenure as a tutor and director, I have become adept implementing functions from WC Online, D2L, Canvas, WordPress, and other online platforms into the center’s scheduling and tutoring sessions.  As online technologies change, evolve, and improve, my mission is to  consistently revise, restructure, and revamp our online offerings. To that end, I have experimented with hybrid online sessions using both WC Online and Google Docs as a response to tutees comments about usability and accessibility. I have created a digital training seminar for incoming tutors.

In my experience working with digital tutoring pedagogy, I have often noticed intersections with multi or trans-lingual tutoring scholarship.  My current writing center work questions notions of translation, untranslatability, and transitioning in ESL and multilingual tutoring sessions. I am interested in theories, case studies, assessments and research that extracts tutoring strategies that successfully cultivate literacy while respecting individual voice and cultural difference.

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